Well bottom hole samples

Sometimes oil can be seen in oil staining of the rock fragments within the sample. Petrolab performs bottom hole sampling of reservoir fluids using slick-line conveyed bottom-hole sampling tools. One of the main drawbacks in the method is that only a small sample of the wellbore fluids is obtained, the typical sampler having a volume of only a few litres. How Does Blowout Control Work? Industry practice now favors the use of standard wireline samplers conveyed into the well as part of the DST tool.

Field Sampling and Wellsite Services

fundamentals of reservoir engineering

An oil and gas flow model provided by one partner will be used. The correct type and quantity of equipment is agreed with the client during the planning and design phase of the study. For the transportation of samples, a range of cylinders millilitres as standard can be supplied with pressure ratings of 10, and 15, psi. The single phase sampler SPS maintains the samples at a pressure above reservoir conditions, for analysis back at the laboratory. Onsite Water Analysis: It is not uncommon to find produced water in the test separator during a DST and the source can only be confirmed by performing some onsite analyses.


Well logging tools can be lowered into the well and raised to retrieve the information, or they can be included in the drillstem and send the information to the surface in real-time. Positive displacement sample r The positive displacement sampler PDS allows for the capture of down-hole reservoir fluid samples. Other tools can be used to collect downhole fluid samples. A specific well design will be defined on the basis of the current Venelle 2 situation and the expected super-critical conditions. Planning of the drilling phase: water supply, pad preparation, logistics, permitting, moving of drilling rig.
There are several problems that can occur during downhole sampling. The probe is designed to provide a seal against the borehole wall such that only formation fluid can flow into the tool. Procedures will be developed to ensure the well is monitored both in normal operations and during contingencies. When the cylindrical sample is cut out, it needs to be safely removed from the well. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Next, the drillstem is introduced back into the well and the core head retrieves a long cylinder of rock from the bottom of the well.
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