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Tina reacts angrily when Brittany jumps on top of Mike and wildly rides him but they are seen making out while slow-dancing to Rachel 's rendition of Jar of Hearts. Tina Hot learning a valuable lesson of keeping her mouth shut. Sam-Quinn Relationship. Cumshots gif Pornstar valerie-kay. After performing Somebody To Love , Tina runs up to him and gives him a loving embrace. If she has a goal, she doesn't stop until she gets it. Ryder-Marley Relationship.

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Rachel-Blaine Relationship. She rubs some on her hand and tell Kenzie to lick it off because it tastes real good to which Kenzie agrees. In a deleted scene, Tina and Mike are hanging in front of Mike's locker as he starts to remove his things in there. He also calls her a self hating Asian. Sue-Finn Relationship. Elliott-Kurt Relationship.

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I don't go to the dentist. Diva They can be seen slow-dancing in We've Got Tonite , but they do not actually talk. After she storms out of the room, Mike catches up to her, calling her selfish and saying that he's disappointed in her. Clare Richards — Green Bikini londonpussy. November 22, KinkyMarie. Tina starts to feel insecure that the girl dancers he will meet will be so much better looking to him, but Mike assures her that he wouldn't notice as she is "the most amazing girl in the world" and they kiss. She knows how to choose her battles.
Artie-Mercedes Relationship. Two Bitches Ass Fucked Anal. Mike then admits to her that being at McKinley has given him time to reflect on his previous relationship with her and that he think that they shouldn't have broken up too quickly. September 9, KinkyMarie. Trio When Tina is hit on the head and rendered unconscious, she has a Friends-themed sequence where Mike appears, and immediately tells her that he's returned to win Tina back.
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