Asian americans for affirmative action

Programming led me to type theory, which then led me to adjacent fields of math, such as category theory. Department of Labor, Despite these statistics, there is a lack of research on perceptions of Asian Americans as targets of affirmative action AA. For many Asian Americans, that's a frustrating development. One of the most controversial issues in the discussion of race relations in the U.


Asian Affirmative Action

Harvard countered with its own analysis finding no evidence of bias. As Asian-Nation discusses in many articles, there is a lot of diversity in the Asian American community, and that includes views about affirmative action. Because gender has been shown to predict AA perceptions in previous research see Kravitz et al. The overall goal of affirmative action is to allow smart children, regardless of background, to break through the socio-economic glass ceiling regardles of the parent's decisions and abilities. So where is the perceived harm against Asians?

US federal judge upholds affirmative action at Harvard | News | Al Jazeera

Lets just say its hardly like they are out for justice for all races Concerned Asian Pacific Students for Action "The attack on affirmative action represents a continuation of the conservative agenda to keep immigrants and people of color disenfranchised. Most importantly, we examined whether reactions to AA seemed to be guided more by self-interest or perceived need, a perennial debate in the AA literature e. An injury to one is an injury to all - that is the recurrent theme in Asian American testimony on affirmative action. These characterizations by progressives are grossly misleading, said Kan Qiu, member of Washington Asian Americans for Equality and the primary sponsor of the effort to undo the affirmative-action initiative, which the state Legislature passed last April.
As research showed, the widespread use of these legacy admissions is what's responsible for the artificially low admission rates for Asian Americans. These sentiments gave rise to the argument that affirmative action was simply reverse discrimination against Whites. In fact, on many university campuses around the country, Asian Americans soon became disproportionately represented. Treat me the same way that you would treat a black person, a white person, a Latino person, etc, who likes math and computer science. Racial quotas have been ruled unconstitutional.
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